Thursday, March 31, 2011



more 2 hours will b 1st of april~

tat is my birthday!!!

coming soon~

18 years old coming soon~


1st of april!!!!!!!!!

this year present~

samsung galaxy ace!!!!!!!

started college life

my lastly decide is multimedia course~

n i go new era college to study~

yesterday went thr to register~

today started the class~

i started my college life~

firstly i take foundation 1st~

after tat only study until degree~

so mayb nid 5 years~

today started the class~

my feeling is scare, scare & scare~

but after i enter the class~

saw someone i knw~

secondary school's friend~

n after finished the class saw primary school's friend~



6 day 5 night trip

last week~
after take my SPM result~
after look my result~
feel a little bit of disappointed~
is not my target~

after tat went to sing-k~
tat is my 1st time sing come bac from ns~
then bought same clothes only went bac hom~

6 day 5 night trip

me, kien san, elaine, hui ming & sing tien~

went to muar in the morning~
noon reached thr~
ate otak, asam fish, fried fish, n my favorite yummy egg~
n go to melaka too~
at night went to a secret place~

slept until 2pm only woke up~
din went to special place~
at night ate curry laksa, baked fish n lala~
midnight 2am started the bus went to genting~

6am reached genting~
played theme park half day~
stayed at highland hotel~
tat day im unlucky~
ate nasi lemak in the morning~
when afternoon i started stomachache~
n vomit too~

morning went bac to KL~
went bac home~
rested a while then went to ts~
to shop shop shop~
dinner at look out point~
the view is vry vry beautiful~

went to ts shop again~
at night went to cheras pasar malam~
1st time go thr~
not bad~

morning go to ate "dim sam"~
then fetch elaine, hui ming & sing tien to bus station~
n go bac to muar~

our nice trip over~

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

im back!!

Saya Ng Kian Yih
dari Kompeni Bravo
telah menamat Program Khimat Negara
Kem Seri Perkasa, Mantin, Negeri Sembilan
Kumpulan 1 Siri 8, 2011


im finished ns~
n alrdy come out from the camp~

when 1st day u step into the camp~
u will cry~
when last day u come out the camp~
u oso will cry~

the 1st day u cry is because u go to a strange place~
the last day u cry is because the friends~

at those place v nid a big support thg~
it is help n support from the friends~

at tis camp i learned many thgs~
learned tat i didn't knw bfore~

now the camp is finished~
i feel like im lost~
i duno wat i nid to do to the next step~
im lost.............

Saturday, January 1, 2011



started a new year~

i think i will like this year vry much~
coz i was finished my secondary school~
i will hav my choice to study wat i wan~
no nid to wear uniform to school~
this is i like it vry much~

all is new~

today afternoon~
went to dreaming hs to hav my lunch~
they cook for me~
but the cooking skill nid to improve some more~

but i alrdy vry happy~
tks a lot they cooked for me~

& tmr i wan go to ns alrdy~
ns arhhhh~

bye everyone~
i will b bac on chinese new year~

Friday, December 31, 2010

my holidays after SPM

is my last day to wear school uniform~

bye bye my school uniform~
my secondary school life was finished~
cant believe it~
my 17 years was finished~
18th year coming soon~

after the last day SPM~
we hav a farewell gathering~

night i helped my mum to make tang yuan~
coz the nex day is dong zhi~

this all is i make~
then the nex day went to malacca~
to pray~

went to fraser hill to celebrate christmas~
it is 1 day trip~

my family~

my cute cousin~

my brother & cousin~

all tat who got go fraser hill~
but leave 1 person~
my yi zhang~
coz he become cameraman~

chinese orchestra mp~
quite fun~

the left hand orange shirt is my biao di~
tat day he become my biao mei alrdy~

Recherche d' Notte - Graduate's Prom Night 2010~
Andonis helped AJK to make up & set hair~
mine oso~

but when i wash~
the make up is vry thick & my hair hav a lot of spray~
i washed many many time~

Monday, December 13, 2010

1 day trip


i having a 1 day trip~
go wif my family~

1st v went to putrajaya~
to c my ns kumpul place~
after v found~
then went to mantin c the camp place
n take our lunch at thr~

at thr v eat yong tau fu~
the yong tau fu is not same wif KL~
is quite nice too~
then v went to seremban temple a while~

after finished~
straight a way to malacca~
go to eat satay~
the satay is cant found at KL~
& i long time no eat~
is vry nice~

dinner v eat asam fish
the asam is use lemon water to make it~
is special~

v reach bac hom at 12am~
is a nice trip~

Bac to blogspot

long long time din write blog alrdy~
alrdy 9 month din write~
coz im too lazy & busy~

im busy-ing exam SPM~
now leave 2 days~
still hav BC & eko~

but before tat i alrdy not feel im exam-ing~
i was totally free~
went out many days~
& keep fb~
but i oso will c the time & do revision~

now started free~
so tat i bac to blogspot~
& i will keep writing~

Tuesday, April 13, 2010



王心凌 - 我很好那么你呢

作词:刘伟恩 作曲:吕绍淳

变成一种想念 在我的世界盘旋
天空已经哭了几遍 我才渐渐明白
让自己了解了你的离开 是爱

你(你的微笑姿态) 还(还是默默的存在)在
爱(不再是我们的) 还(还是要勇敢期待)在

我很好那么你呢 想起的我是怎样的
当初哭着分不开 现在都能用微笑释怀
我很好那么你呢 离开我要比从前快乐
眼泪是记得 而不哭了是懂得

天空已放晴了几遍 我才渐渐明白
让自己了解了你停止的 是爱

你(你的微笑姿态) 还(还是默默的存在)在
爱(不再是我们的) 还(还是要勇敢期待)在

我很好那么你呢 想起的我是怎样的
当初哭着分不开 现在都能用微笑释怀
我很好那么你呢 离开我要比从前快乐
眼泪是记得 而不哭了是懂得

我很好那么你呢 想起的我是怎样的
当初哭着分不开 现在都能用微笑释怀
我很好那么你呢 离开我要比从前快乐
眼泪是记得 而不哭了是懂得

Monday, April 12, 2010

sport's day

9/4/10 friday..
is skol's sport's day..
i din go..
alrdy 5 years din go..
tis is last year alrdy..
coz i dun lik 2 go thr..
for me i wil vry vry boring..
so i din go..
i better go out for gai gai..

tat day morning..
go 2 fetch yeh hwan..
then go 2 monoral..
yong sheng booked 10am green box..
but v 10am only reach..
tis time is vry hapy..
coz never go out wif yeh hwan b4..
b4 tat ask her always cant..
tis time finally she can..
v total hav 5 ppl..
me, yeh hwan, c theng, jun jie & yong sheng..
v sing until 1pm..

then v go 2 ts..
4 watch movie..
v watch "How To Train The Dragon"..
tis movie not bad..
got 1 dragon is vry vry cute..

after watched..
v walk a while then only go bac..

i alrdy long time din buy shirt alrdy..
nex time go out muz buy!!